LIMRA anti-money laundering

We are pleased to offer required anti‐money laundering (AML) training through the Life Insurance
Marketing Research Association (LIMRA) at no cost to you. The training can be completed from any
computer with Internet access.
The base course takes approximately 45 – 60 minutes to complete. Renewal courses take
approximately 25 minutes to complete.

Accessing the website

Log onto the course at the following website address:
The website can be accessed by clicking on the link above, or copying and pasting it into the address
field on your browser’s tool bar.
You will be required to input a unique username and password to gain access to the site.

Username: Your username is your National Producer Number.
First time password: If this is your first time logging on to this site, your password is your last
name (lowercase). You will be asked to change your password. Please take note of your
password and the answers to your security questions for future reference.
Password: If you have previously accessed the course, use the password you created at that
time. If you cannot recall your password, please contact LIMRA’s Customer‐Support Helpline at
866‐364‐2380. You will need to provide the answer to your security question.

Successful completion

The home page states the percentage of the course you have completed. When your progress is
100%, you have completed the entire course. You will not receive a paper certificate of your
completion of the course. You are not required to notify our office when you complete the AML
training course. LIMRA will provide us with a report informing us that you have completed the course.

Require assistance?

Should you have technical questions accessing or navigating within the LIMRA site, please contact
LIMRA’s Customer‐Support Helpline at 866‐364‐2380.
If LIMRA’s customer service representative informs you that you cannot log on to their website
because your name does not appear in their database, please contact wait 24 hours or contact Elaine
Flinchbaugh at (760) 686-8847